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26 September 2019
What is the difference between classes?

A short description of the article. This article will allow you to find out what types of power supplies exist (Original, As original, A ++, A, B and C class) how they differ from each other, as well as help you decide on the choice of the power supply you need.

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11 September 2019
How to choose the power supply for the LED strip

Nowadays, LED lighting is actively used in the production and advertising sphere, within the interior design, car interior design, equipment of various equipment. A wide variety of LED strip solutions make it easy to find the right option, but connecting can be difficult.

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11 September 2019
How to Choose the Power Supply for a Laptop

If you had to replace the power supply to your laptop, in this article, we will try

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11 September 2019
How to choose the right power supply for your laptop

If you had to deal with the replacement of the power supply to your laptop, in this article, we will try to explain as much as possible the features of choosing a charger.

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11 September 2019
Power cable section

Power cable is the most important part of the power circuit of a laptop, computer, and other device plugged into a 220V outlet.