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For beginners, Dropshipping is the best system for an "easy start", for starting "your own business", for the opportunity "to try". Without the need "to purchase" a wide variety of goods, maintain a warehouse (pack packages), rent an office and hire employees. This minimizes your costs, your risks, losses.

For those who understand DROPshipping is a great opportunity to expand their own range without capital investment, without risk. You do not run the risk of "freezing" the money invested in a new product, not knowing how it will be sold. You can use products from multiple vendors that use this system. This will allow you to have a huge assortment that will increase sales and increase income. After getting acquainted with the demand - go to the next level, buying in bulk, exactly what sells best in your store, it will bring you more profit due to the difference in the purchase price. At the same time, leaving the entire range of less popular products and ordering them by DROP directly to your client. Which we will collect instead of you, pack and send to your buyer.

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Rapid filling of the store with goods. Sending according to your TTN

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Always up-to-date balances, direct guarantee on our brand

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Savings on logistics, lack of capital investments

Being our partner means having a reliable supplier and having access to a wide range of power supplies and related products. We have a wide variety of products on our website. On our website, you can automatically arrange a shipment on your behalf through the Nova Poshta API or simply add a TTN number to the order by which you need to send a parcel to your client.

Direct guarantee. After 14 days from the date of receipt of the order by your customer, under warranty, he can apply directly to us, according to our warranty card, which was sent along with the order (for our brand).

Our website is always up-to-date. We can produce many goods according to the needs of the client in the right quantity. Because we have a modular assembly of power supplies and those goods that are "made to order" means that there are the necessary components for their production and they just need to be assembled.

We provide all the necessary content - upload files for quick filling of your store, as well as a YML file/link for uploading goods to your site with balance updates. That will allow not only to fill your site with goods, but also to always have up-to-date balances in automatic mode.

Advantages of working with us:
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Minimum order from 1 pc

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Payment to a current account

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Shipment on the day of order

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Sending by Nona Poshta (Your TTN)

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Instead of you, we pack and ship the goods

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Flexible discount system for regular partners

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Assistance in creating an online store (uploading goods)